Friday, March 06, 2015
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Monday, March 2
Bert Ghezzi, author of "Voices of the Saints" discusses March saints.
Music Monday with Jaci Velasquez, contemporary Christian artist and Latin pop singer who will be featured in the new VeggieTales movie "Noah's Ark."
Steve Ray, explains destruction of priceless items in Mosul museum & Syrian Christians being taken captive by ISIS militants.
The Good Book Club with Fr. Shane Tharp, pastor at Holy Name of Jesus in Chickasha, Oklahoma. 
Adam Storey, director of the Marriage and Family Life Office in the Diocese of Des Moines, talks about "Courage and Encourage."
Tuesday, March 3
Ask-a-Priest with Fr. Joe Taphorn of the Archdiocese of Omaha.
The Good Book Club with Dcn. Michael Carney of Holy Rosary Parish in Glenwood, Iowa.
Jen Moser, Toby Korensky and Taylor Korensky talk about Virtus et Veritas, a boys leadership camp for grades 6-9 in Omaha.
Colleen McLeay, Marlan Burki and Rischa Lauke talk about the All Saints Catholic School Walk-a-thon.
Wednesday, March 4
Fr. Loras Grell, pastor at Church of the Holy Spirit in Plattsmouth, discusses "What is Prayer?"
Beau Iske of That Man is You talks about
Leon Sporrer, event coordinator for Outreach, discusses packaging meals for a parish in Tanzania. 
Good Book Club with Sally Robb, Host- “Thread of Grace” on
Ann Rourke, Development Director-CUES on upcoming event "The Gathering".
Thursday, March 5
Greg Schleppenbach, Executive Director Nebraska Catholic Conference & Adam Weinberg, The Platte Institute.
Dr. Gerard J. Stanley, medical director and cosmetic surgeon at SCULPT Contemporary Cosmetic Surgery in Omaha discusses his upcoming talk at the Catholic Professional & Business Club titled "A Reflection on the Passion of Christ."
The Good Book Club with Steve Ray of
Bishop Richard Pates of the Diocese of Des Moines talks about his upcoming appearance at Brewing Faith in Council Bluffs, Iowa.
Friday, March 6
Sunday Mass prep with Sr. Ann Marie Zierke.
Parenting tips with Laura Buddenberg of Boys Town.
David Gibson, co-creator of Finding Jesus, TV event on CNN.
Good Book Club with Fr. Frank Baumert, Pastor-St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parish, Omaha.
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DownloadNameListen Online Length
download02-26-15 Bishop-elect Joseph Hanefeldt

18:57 min
download02-27-15 Fr. Mark McKercher - Sunday Mass Prep

19:46 min
download02-27-15 Good Book Club - Genesis Chapter 2 Verses 18-25 - Fr. Christopher Goodwin

25:01 min
download02-27-15 Laura Buddenberg - Family Meals

13:50 min
download02-27-15 Marlaena Sucha - Going Bananas for Jesus

5:03 min
download03-02-15 Adam Storey - Courage and Encourage in Des Moines Diocese

8:52 min
download03-02-15 Bert Ghezzi - March Saints

20:16 min
download03-02-15 Good Book Club - Genesis Chapter 3 Verses 1-8 - Fr. Shane Tharp

24:40 min
download03-02-15 Jaci Velasquez - Music Monday

19:50 min
download03-02-15 Steve Ray - ISIS and Destruction of Art

10:49 min
download03-03-15 Colleen McLeahy and Marlan Burki - All Saints School Walk-A-Thon

12:14 min
download03-03-15 Fr. Joe Taphorn - Ask A Priest

14:51 min
download03-03-15 Good Book Club - Genesis Chapter 3 Verses 9-24 - Deacon Michael Carney

19:08 min
download03-03-15 Jen Moser Toby and Taylor Korensky and David Neemas - Virtus Veritas Boys Camp

15:57 min
download03-04-15 Ann Rourke - CUES Fundraising Dinner

10:41 min
download03-04-15 Beau Iske - Put Up A Prayer Basketball Challenge

10:43 min
download03-04-15 Fr. Loras Grell - What is Prayer

21:44 min
download03-04-15 Good Book Club - Genesis Chapter 4 Verses 1-16 - Sally Robb

20:16 min
download03-04-15 Leon Sporrer - Outreach Incorporated

8:25 min
download03-05-15 Bishop Richard Pates - Brewing Faith Talk

11:06 min
download03-05-15 Dr. Gerard Stanley Jr. - Passion Talk

15:48 min
download03-05-15 Good Book Club - Genesis Chapter 4 Verse 25 - Chapter 5 Verses 1-32 - Steve Ray

24:57 min
download03-05-15 Greg Schleppenbach and Adam Weinberg - LB26 LB586 and LB 268

24:15 min