Sunday, December 04, 2016
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download12-02-16 - Catholic News

2:49 min
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Coming Up
Mon., Dec. 5
-Fr. Tony Cutcher of the National Federation of Priests' Councils, joins us.
-Dale Ahlquist, president of the American Chesterton Society discusses G.K. Chesterton and Advent.
-Bishop James D. Conley of the Diocese of Lincoln, discusses the Catholic Coffeehouse series in the Lincoln Diocese.
-The Good Book Club with Fr. Christopher Kubat, executive director of Catholic Social Services of Southern Nebraska.
-Dr. Tim Gray, president of the Augustine Institute, discusses the new book "Peter: Keys to Following Jesus."
Tues., Dec. 6

Heartland Tour: We're live from Pope John XXIII High School in Elgin, Neb.

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download11-29-16 - Ask a Priest - Fr. Joe Taphorn

14:21 min
download11-29-16 - Catholic Charities - 2016

11:33 min
download11-29-16 - Good Book Club - Acts 27 Verses 13-38 - Fr. William Felix

20:09 min
download11-29-16 - Luke Maxwell - UCantBErased

16:02 min
download11-30-16 - Billy Dickson - Believe Film

9:03 min
download11-30-16 - Bryan Gonzalez - InnerVisions Health Care

8:26 min
download11-30-16 - Good Book Club - Acts 27 Verses 39 -Acts 28 Verse 16 Fr. Don Buhrman

20:05 min
download11-30-16 - Leonard DeLorenzo - Author of Witness

10:25 min
download11-30-16 Jimmy Akin - A Daily Defense

16:20 min
download12-01-16 - Dave Zebolsky and Rita Macauley - St. Paul Street Evangelization

20:35 min
download12-01-16 - Good Book Club - Acts 28 Verses 17-31 - Sharon Doran

17:32 min
download12-01-16 - Michael LaCivita - Cattholic Near East Welfare Association

8:48 min
download12-01-16 - Shannon Perry - How to Deter Bullying

10:06 min
download12-01-16 - Tony Rossi - Three Minutes A Day Volumee 51 - Christophers

10:27 min
download12-02-16 - Fr. Andrew Heaslip - Sunday Mass Prep

25:02 min
download12-02-16 - Fr. James Kubicki - Popes December Prayer Intentions

10:16 min
download12-02-16 - Laura Buddenberg - Holiday School Break Schedule Changes

10:56 min