Tuesday, May 05, 2015
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A number of Nasarean.org bracelets are available for FREE at the Omaha, Lincoln and Grand Island studios. All you have to do is stop by and pick one up. The Omaha studios are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Please call the Lincoln and Grand Island studios before stopping by, as their hours may vary. Call 855-571-0200. "Nasarean.org was founded by Father Benedict Kiely, and supported by the good people and businesses of Stowe, VT, to help, in some small way, Christians suffering under the persecution of militant Islam throughout the world. This is a conflict that has been going on for centuries - and will not end until the final victory of Christ."
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Friday, May 1
"Best of" Spirit Mornings
Monday, May 4
Music Monday with Lauren Daigle, Christian recording artist.
The Good Book Club with Fr. Rick Heilman, pastor at St. Mary of Pine Bluff in Cross Plains, Wisc.
Kevin Kaminski of Catholic Charities talks about recognizing addition in loved ones.
Joseph Pearce of Aquinas College in Nashville talks about his recent article "Monarchy, Democracy and Plutocracy."
Tuesday, May 5
Ask-a-Priest with Fr. Joe Taphorn, Vicar of Clergy for the Archdiocese of Omaha.
Bert Ghezzi, author of Voices of the Saints, with May saints.
The Good Book Club with Dr. John Bergsma of Franciscan University of Steubenville.
Adam Storey, Marriage and Family Life Office Director-Diocese of Des Moines upcoming talk in Co. Bluffs, IA.
Wednesday, May 6
Dr. Timothy O'Donnell, president at Christendom College, discusses living as a domestic church.
Msgr. Daniel S. Hamilton, retired priest of the Diocese of Rockville Centre, NY, talks about "Taking to Task the New York Times."
The Good Book Club with Dcn. Michael Carney.
Ann Severes and Melissa Miller of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul talk about their upcoming Strawberry Tea.








DownloadNameListen Online Length
download04-20-15 Eduardo Verastegui - Little Boy movie

13:44 min
download04-23-15 Fr. Andrew Apostoli - Franciscan Spirituality

24:57 min
download04-23-15 Good Book Club - Genesis Chapter 41 Verses 1-40 - Fr. David Oldham

21:50 min
download04-23-15 Omar Gutierrez - St. Geroge and St. Adalbert

18:44 min
download04-23-15 Shaun McAfee - Epic Pew

15:43 min
download04-24-15 Fr. Jim Clifton - Ignatian Spirituality

18:13 min
download04-24-15 Fr. Mark McKercher - Sunday Mass Prep

21:45 min
download04-24-15 Good Book Club - Genesis Chapter 41 Verses 41-57 - Kris McGregor

20:32 min
download04-27-15 Dr. Carson Holloway - Challenges for the Church in Todays Culture

27:04 min
download04-27-15 Fr. Brian Conner

18:47 min
download04-27-15 Good Book Club - Genesis Chapter 42 - Steve Ray

23:43 min
download04-27-15 Music Monday - John Michael Boyer - Cappella Romana

16:43 min
download04-28-15 Fr. Joe Taphorn - Ask A Priest

16:20 min
download04-28-15 Good Book Club - Genesis Chapter 43 - Fr. James Rafferty

21:15 min
download04-28-15 Martin Cannon

9:53 min
download04-28-15 Paul Dykewicz -- Holy Smokes - Notre Dame Book

19:41 min
download04-29-15 Good Book Club - Genesis Chapter 44 - Fr. Lee Jirovsky

21:35 min
download04-29-15 Live in Hastings - Assorted Students

6:12 min
download04-29-15 Live in Hastings - Fr. Adam Sughroue and Sara LeDuc

23:54 min
download04-29-15 Live in Hastings - Fr. Thomas Brouillette Fr. Ryan Lewis and Fr. Lee Jorovsky

10:19 min
download04-29-15 Live in Hastings - Randy Ahrens and Kevin Asher

13:48 min
download04-29-15 Live in Hastings - Sandy VanCura and Fr. Joseph Faulkner

8:39 min
download04-30-15 Deacon James Keating - Diaconate Formation

19:34 min
download04-30-15 Good Book Club - Genesis Chapter 45 Verse 1 - Chapter 46 Verse 7 - Fr. James Kubicki

23:40 min
download04-30-15 Tobias Letak - Rome to Home Report

17:05 min
download04-30-15 Tom Chapman - Iowa Catholic Conference

14:01 min
download05-01-15 Good Book Club - Genesis Chapter 46 verse 26 - Chapter 47 verse 27 - Fr. John Echert

24:09 min
download05-04-15 - Joseph Pearce - Monarchy Democracy and Plutocricy

18:46 min
download05-04-15 - Kevin Kaminski - Addressing Addiction in Loved Ones

16:09 min
download05-04-15 Good Book Club - Genesis Chapter 47 Verse 28 - Chapter 48 - Fr. Rick Heilman

21:13 min
download05-04-15 Music Monday - Lauren Daigle

20:56 min