Friday, May 26, 2017
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Start your day the Catholic way with Spirit Mornings on Spirit Catholic Radio. Join co-hosts Jen, Bruce and Matt and the entire Spirit Mornings team every weekday morning from 6:40 to 9:00 a.m. CST as this energetic morning show helps you kick-start your day. Spirit Mornings features something fresh and inspiring every day including local priests, guests, music and news.
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download05-26-17 Catholic News

2:57 min
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Coming Up
Monday, May 29
Happy Memorial Day! Best of Mode...
Maureen Ferguson of the Catholic Association.
Hear about the Ethical Delema of the posibility of designer babies.
Fr. paul Scalia discuses his book covering catholic Practices.
Good Book Club with Fr. John Rickert.
Russ Breault opens up more info on the Shroud of Turin.
Thursday, May 25
Jim Cruise, "The Spoon Man" joins us. He reminds us that with God, anything is possible!
Jim Otremba, LICSW, brings us parenting info from his book "The Daily Dozen of Catholic Parenting."
The Good Book Club with Kris McGregor.
Fr. Jeff Loseke blog about the The Original Novena: Ascension to Pentecost.
Wednesday, May 24
Keith Jiron, director of the School of Faith, Omaha Branch, brings us Consider the Catechism.
Bill Rentschler, parishioner at St. Michael in Lincoln, shares his conversion story and faith journey with us.
Good Book Club with Sonja Corbitt .
Tom Venzor from the Nebraska Catholic Conference, with a Opportunity Scholarship Act update.
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download05-22-17 Bernie Schaefer - Omaha Gives May 24

11:56 min
download05-22-17 Good Book Club - Daniel 3 - Fr. Steven Mills

16:07 min
download05-22-17 Johnette Benkovic - author The Rosary

20:11 min
download05-22-17 Michael Warsaw - EWTN new role as Media Adviser to Pope

17:12 min
download05-23-17 Alicia von Stamwitz - editor Mother Mary words from Pope Francis

7:38 min
download05-23-17 Donna Marie Cooper OBoyle - Our Lady of Fatima

19:04 min
download05-23-17 Fr. Joe Taphorn - Ask a Priest

16:53 min
download05-23-17 Good Book Club - Psalm 144 1-10 -Tim Staples

17:37 min
download05-24-17 Bill Rentschler - Faith Journey

18:05 min
download05-24-17 Good Book Club - Psalm 108 - Sonja Corbitt

14:44 min
download05-24-17 Kieth Jiron - Consider the Catechism - The Fall

21:44 min
download05-24-17 Tom Venzor - Ne Cath Conference

13:52 min
download05-25-17 Fr. Jeff Loseke - Blog on the Original Novena

9:01 min
download05-25-17 Fr. Robert Spitzer - The Light Shines On In the Darkness

20:31 min
download05-25-17 Good Book Club - Isaiah - 61 10-62-5 -Kris McGregor

23:30 min
download05-25-17 Jim Cruise - The Spoon Man Catholic Speaker

16:43 min
download05-26-17 Dr. Matthew Bunson - Pres. Trump Vatican visit

11:52 min
download05-26-17 Good Book Club - Psalm 146 - Mike Aquilina

19:07 min
download05-26-17 Laura Buddenberg - Reporting Whereabouts

9:04 min
download05-26-17 Mass Prep - Fr. Agustine Wetta

21:30 min