Wednesday, June 28, 2017
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Start your day the Catholic way with Spirit Mornings on Spirit Catholic Radio. Join co-hosts Jen, Bruce and Matt and the entire Spirit Mornings team every weekday morning from 6:40 to 9:00 a.m. CST as this energetic morning show helps you kick-start your day. Spirit Mornings features something fresh and inspiring every day including local priests, guests, music and news.
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download06-28-17 Catholic News

3:40 min
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Coming Up
Wednesday, June 28
Br. Silas Henderson joins us to discuss "Who Are The Salvatorians?"
Tim Sully of Siena Francis House in Omaha discusses providing hope to homeless men, women and children.
The Good Book Club with Sharon Doran of Seeking Truth.
Doug Griffiths, president and CEO of 13 Ways, Inc., discusses building stronger communities.
Tuesday, June 27
Fr. Robert Spitzer of the Magis Center of Reason and Faith and host of Fr. Spitzer's Universe heard on Spirit Catholic Radio, discusses "The Light Shines on in the Darkness."
Ask-a-Priest with Fr. Joe Taphorn, director of the St. John Paul II Newman Center at UNO.
The Good Book Club with Fr. James Netusil of St. Francis Borgia in Blair and St. John the Baptist in Ft. Calhoun.
Diana Christiansen of Beauty Amidst the Ashes, discusses adoption grants.
Monday, June 26
Marge Fenelon, finding strength in humility.
Brian Holdsworth guides us on how to evangelize in the Digital World.
Fr. Christopher Hartley exposes the injustice of "Slaves in Paradise"
Good Book Club with Dr. Anthony Lillis.
Terry Beatley discusses her pro-life book "What if We've Been Wrong" 
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download06-22-17 Dave McClow - St. Joseph Our Model For Fatherhood

6:09 min
download06-22-17 Denise Carlson - Long Raod to Becoming Catholic

18:22 min
download06-22-17 Good Book Club - John 5 19-29 - Deacon James Keating

17:13 min
download06-22-17 Jonathan Teixeira - Benevore dot net

7:01 min
download06-22-17 Mark Brumley - YouCat Bible

12:43 min
download06-23-17 Bishop James V. Johnston - Sunday Mass Prep

19:58 min
download06-23-17 Good Book Club - John 5 30-47 Dr. John Pepino

21:45 min
download06-23-17 Laura Buddenberg - Monitoring Kids on Vaca

14:55 min
download06-26-17 Brian Holdsworth - Evangelizing in the Digital world

21:59 min
download06-26-17 Fr. Christopher Hartley - Slaves in Paradise

19:46 min
download06-26-17 Good Book Club - John 1 1-18 - Dr. Anthony Lilles

18:16 min
download06-26-17 Marge Fenelon - Stength in Humility

10:45 min
download06-26-17 Terry Beatley - What If We've Been Wrong

21:02 min
download06-27-17 Ask a Priest - Fr. Joe Taphorn

18:47 min
download06-27-17 Diana Christiansen - Adoption Grants

9:48 min
download06-27-17 Fr. Robert Spitzer - Light Shines on in the Darkness - Part 2

19:47 min
download06-27-17 Good Book Club - John 6 1-15 Fr. James Netusil

21:14 min
download06-28-17 Br. Silas Henderson - Salvatorians

16:28 min
download06-28-17 Doug Grfffiths - 13 Ways

11:56 min
download06-28-17 Good Book Club - John 6 16-27 Sharon Doran

18:52 min
download06-28-17 Tim Sully - Siena Francis House

17:02 min