Thursday, February 11, 2016
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download_02-10-16 Daily Catholic News

2:27 min

Bible Verse of the Day

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Thursday, February 11
Most Rev. Thomas J. Olmsted, bishop of the Diocese of Phoenix, talks about Into the Breach.
Gary Zimak, Catholic speaker and author, discusses  
"From Fear to Faith: A Worrier's Guide to Discovering Peace."
The Good Book Club with Fr. William Felix of All Saints Catholic Community in Cadott-Boyd-Stanley, Wis.
Charissa Steffensmeier, local blogger, joins us.
Wednesday, February 10
Joan Rosenhauer of Catholic Relief Services discusses Operation Rice Bowl.
Fr. Michael Voithofer of St. James in Omaha and Dr. Bryan Voithofer discuss the 40 Day Detox: Body and Soul.
The Good Book Club with Fr. Walter Nolte, pastor at St. Bernard in Omaha.
Tuesday, February 9
Ask-a-Priest with Fr. Scott Hastings of the Archdiocese of Omaha.
The Good Book Club with Fr.Kizito Okhouya of St. Wenceslaus in Verdigre and St. William in Niobrara.
Chat with Steve Angrisano, Catholic musician. LIVE
Monday, February 8
Fr. Paul Hoesing, dean of students and director of human formation at the Kenrick-Glennon Seminary in St. Louis, discusses Mercy Monday.
Kelly Garver Nieto, former Miss America runner up and Catholic convert.
The Good Book Club with Fr. Norm Hunke of St. Charles Borromeo in Gretna.
Diogo Morgado, actor in the new film Love Finds You in Valentine.


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download02-03-16 Brandon Harvey - Ministry Institute of Christ the Servant

12:32 min
download02-03-16 Fr. James Kubicki - Apostleship of Prayer

16:38 min
download02-03-16 Good Book Club - Mark Chapter 14 Verses 32-52 - Fr. Christopher Goodwin

22:50 min
download02-03-16 Patrick Slattery - Superintendent Catholic Schools

20:56 min
download02-04-16 Church in the News - Fr. Ryan Lewis

17:54 min
download02-04-16 Coach Kevin Kush - Boys Town - Catholic Education and Leadership

14:44 min
download02-04-16 Good Book Club - Mark Chapter 14 Verses 53-72 - Fr. James Netusil

18:20 min
download02-04-16 Scott Watts Trumpeter and Seminarian- Allison Pritza Natalie Vaughn Pro-Life Students

19:40 min
download02-05-16 Good Book Club - Mark Chapter 15 Verses 1-15 - Fr. David Oldham

20:09 min
download02-05-16 Mass Prep - Fr. Rob Kroll

21:48 min
download02-05-16 Teresa Monaghen - Br. August - Jenna Wilson - Discerning a Call

22:30 min
download02-08-16 Diogo Morgado - Love Finds You in Valentine

10:07 min
download02-08-16 Fr. Paul Hoesing - Mercy Monday - Admonish the Sinner

20:17 min
download02-08-16 Good Book Club - Mark Chapter 15 Verses 16-32 - Fr. Norm Hunke

18:32 min
download02-08-16 Kelly Garver Nieto - The Cross and Light Stage Productions

21:42 min
download02-09-16 Ask a Priest - Fr. Scott Hastings

13:11 min
download02-09-16 Carrie Rasmussen Principal -St. Michael Hastings NE

5:58 min
download02-09-16 Fr. Charles Townsend - St. Wenceslaus Wahoo

6:26 min
download02-09-16 Good Book Club - Mark Chapter 15 Verses 33-47 - Fr. Kizito Okhouya

24:15 min
download02-09-16 Steve Angrisano - Catholic singer songwritter parish missions

27:08 min
download02-10-16 Fr. Michael Voithofer and Dr. Bryan Voithofer - 40 Day Detox

17:23 min
download02-10-16 Good Book Club - Mark Chapter 16 Verses 1-13 - Fr. Walter Nolte

22:37 min
download02-10-16 Jennifer Dunn - Principal - Humphrey St. Francis

5:36 min
download02-10-16 Joan Rosenhauer - CRS Rice Bowl

19:15 min
download02-10-16 Reggan Simons - I Believe in Love - Center for Family Life

11:39 min