Monday, September 01, 2014
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August 25
Music Monday with Nick Alexander, Catholic parody artist.
Gina Thomes and a resident from Bethlehem House join us.
The Good Book Club with Dr. Andrew Swafford, assistant professor of theology at Benedictine College.
August 26
Mother Olga Yaqob, Iraqi nun on the plight of Christanity in the Holy Land.
Ask-a-Priest with Fr. Scott Hastings of the Archdiocese of Omaha.
The Good Book Club with Archbishop Emeritus Elden Curtiss of the Archdiocese of Omaha.
Patrick Slattery, superintendent, Catholic Schools of the Archdiocese of Omaha discusses the Ignite the Faith campaign.
August 27
Paula Bastian and Carley & Grace Ayers discuss the Nun Run.
Dr. Francis Beckwith, professor at Baylor University, talks about his upcoming speaking event at the pro-life banquet in Lincoln.
The Good Book Club with Kris McGregor of Discerning Hearts.
J.D. Flynn, Communications Director, Diocese of Lincoln about his open letter to Richard Dawkins on Down Syndrome comments.
August 28
Gerry Straub, founder and president of Pax et Bonum Communications and former athiest, joins us to talk about his upcoming appearance at the Nebraskaland Festival of Faith in North Platte.
Amy Price, Parishioners at St. Cecelia’s Cathedral.
Searching for a cure for their baby Cecelia’s MLD (Metachromatic leukodystrophy)
The Good Book Club with Fr. John Horn, rector at Kenrick Glennon Seminary.
August 29
Mass Prep with Fr. Jeff Lorig,Pastor, St. Ludger, Creighton; St. Ignatius, Brunswick.
Dcn. Pedro Producer-Salt + Light Hour.
Good Book Club with Dcn. Pedro,Rom. 8:1-17.
Play Proverb or Fortune Cookie and win 4 pack to Christ Our Life Conference
Philips Craig & Dean CD: Breathe In.
Labor Day
BEST of Spirit Mornings
-Faith Alive & Music Monday
-Mother Olga Yaqob, Iraqi nun and founder of the Daughters of Mary of Nazareth, on plight of Christians in Iraq.
-Good Book Club with Fr. Andrew Roza.








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download08-21-14 Ice Bucket Challenge Send Donations to JPII Research Center

3:04 min
download08-25-14 Bethlehem House

22:05 min
download08-25-14 Good Book Club - Romans Chapter 6 Verses 1-14 - Dr. Andrew Swafford

18:13 min
download08-25-14 Nick Alexander - I Got Me Kneeling

21:50 min
download08-26-14 Fr. Scott Hastings - Ask A Priest

24:42 min
download08-26-14 Good Book Club - Romans Chapter 7 Verses 15-23 - Archbishop Emeritus Elden Francis Curtiss

12:58 min
download08-26-14 Mother Olga Yaqob - Plight of Iraqis

28:24 min
download08-26-14 Patrick Slatery - Ignite the Faith

11:34 min
download08-27-14 Dr. Francis Beckwith - Upcoming Lincoln Banquent

16:23 min
download08-27-14 Good Book Club - Romans Chapter 7 Verses 1-12 - Kris McGregor

19:50 min
download08-27-14 JD Flynn - Open Letter to Richard Dawkins - Down Syndrome

11:16 min
download08-27-14 Paula Bastian Vicki Herout Carley and Grace Ayers - 2014 Nun Run

18:13 min
download08-28-14 Amy Price - Baby Cecilia

15:01 min
download08-28-14 Gerry Straub - Pax et Bonum

19:17 min
download08-28-14 Good Book Club - Romans Chapter 7 Verses 13-25 - Fr. John Horn

27:10 min
download08-29-14 Deacon Pedro - Salt and Light Media

19:29 min
download08-29-14 Fr. Jeff Lorig - Sunday Mass Prep

20:39 min
download08-29-14 Good Book Club - Romans Chapter 8 Verses 1-17 - Deacon Pedro

19:47 min