Wednesday, November 26, 2014
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Thursday, Nov. 20
-Brandon Harvey, teacher, author and speaker, talks about the meaning of the liturgy.
-Archbishop George J. Lucas of the Archdiocese of Omaha discusses the Ignite the Faith Campaign.
-The Good Book Club with Dr. John Pepino, professor at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary in Denton, Neb.
-Tobias Letak, seminarian from the Archdiocese of Omaha, with Rome to Home.
Friday, Nov. 21
Mass Prep with Sr. Ann Marie Zierke, Marian Sisters of Lincoln &Teacher-David City Aquinas.
Blogger Marge Fenelon on the topic -Meet The Anti-Black-Friday-Creep Crowd!
Good Book Club with Fr. Jay Buhman, of St. Peter Parish in Bellwood, NE.
Win with Proverb or Fortune Cookie- 2 tickets to Christmas with the King’s Singers at the Holland Performing Arts Center Dec. 3rd.  And a Movie Review.
Monday, Nov. 24
Music Monday with Fr. Thomas Matus of The New Camaldoli Hermitage in Big Sur, Calif.
The Good Book Club with Kris McGregor of Discerning Hearts.
Fr. Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life, discusses the US Court of Appeals ruling against Priests for Life in its challenge to the HHS Mandate.
Pat McCaskey, founder of Sports Faith Intl. and former Chicago Bear.
Tuesday, Nov. 25
Betty Dineen Shrier, author and Omaha native, discusses making a difference in the lives of others.
Ask-a-Priest with Fr. Joe Taphorn of the Archdiocese of Omaha.
The Good Book Club with Teresa Monaghen of Pro-Sanctity.
Johnny Howard of The King's Singers, who will be performing at the Holland in Omaha on Dec. 3.
Wednesday, Nov. 26
Fr. Michael Voithofer, associate pastor at St. James in Omaha, discusses the upcoming Battle Ready Rally as well as his experience on the Spirit Catholic Radio pilgrimage cruise.
Fr. Ryan Lewis, pastor at St. Thomas More in Omaha, talks about the church in the news.
Good Book Club with Steve Ray,








DownloadNameListen Online Length
download10-23-14 Al Robertson - Duck Commander Faith and Family Bible

22:36 min
download10-29-14 Fr. Ryan Lewis - Creighton Same Sex Benefits Reaction

15:47 min
download11-18-14 Fr. Joe Taphorn - Ask A Priest

13:41 min
download11-18-14 Good Book Club - Titus Chapter 3 - Sharon Doran

18:48 min
download11-18-14 Joe Boland - Catholic Extension - Blaze Cupich Installation

13:38 min
download11-19-14 Ellen Miller - Mary's Meals and Trip to Malawi

22:27 min
download11-19-14 Fr. Loras Grell - The Lord's Prayer - Part 9

19:44 min
download11-19-14 Good Book Club - 1Peter Chapter 1 - Verses 1-12 - Fr. Gary Coulter

18:17 min
download11-20-14 Archbishop George Lucas - Ignite the Faith Campaign Update

22:20 min
download11-20-14 Brandon Harvey - True Meaning of Liturgy

21:04 min
download11-20-14 Good Book Club - 1Peter Chapter 1 - Verses 13-25 - Dr. John Pepino

19:56 min
download11-20-14 Tobias Letak - Rome to Home

13:48 min
download11-21-14 Good Book Club - 1Peter Chapter 2 - Verses 1-17 - Fr. Jay Buhman

19:48 min
download11-21-14 Marge Fenelon - Anti Black Friday Creep into Thanksgiving

12:44 min
download11-21-14 Sr. Ann Marie Zierke - Sunday Mass Prep

18:04 min
download11-24-14 Fr. Thomas Matus - O Day of Resurrection - Incense Rite and O Radiant Light, O Holy Glory

19:38 min
download11-24-14 Good Book Club - 1Peter Chapter 2 - Verse 18 - Chapter 3 Verse 7 - Kris McGregor

23:19 min
download11-24-14 Patrick McCaskey - Pillars of the NFL

14:26 min
download11-25-14 Betty Dineen Shrier - Making A Difference

18:05 min
download11-25-14 Fr. Joe Taphorn - Ask A Priest

17:20 min
download11-25-14 Good Book Club - 1Peter Chapter 3 Verses 8-22 - Teresa Monaghen

23:39 min
download11-25-14 Johnny Howard - King Singers - Veni, Veni Emmanuel

13:16 min