Wednesday, February 22, 2017
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download02-21-17 Catholic News

3:12 min
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Coming Up
Wednesday, Feb. 22
Dr. Tim Brennan, instructor at the School of Faith, Omaha branch, brings us Consider the Catechism.
Stephen J. Binz, Catholic author and speaker, talks about his book "Saint Peter: Flawed, Forgiven, and Faithful."
The Good Book Club with Kris McGregor of Discerning Hearts.
Jesse Manibusan and ValLimar Jansen talk about Going Bananas for Jesus in North Platte, Neb.
Tuesday, Feb. 21
Heartland TOUR!!!
We're LIVE from Lindsay Holy Family High School in Lindsay, Neb.
Monday, Feb. 20
Joel Smallbone, Grammy Award-Winner, discusses the movie Priceless.
Pete Burak of i.d. 9:16 talks about forming young adults into intentional disciples of Jesus Christ.
Rob Evans, "The Donut Man," joins us to talk about "An Edible Gospel Object-Lesson."
The Good Book Club with Sharon Doran of Seeking Truth.
Dominick Albano, speaker and evangelist with the Dynamic Catholic Institute, joins us.
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download02-15-17 Good Book Club - Psalm 149 - Jeff Cavins

17:08 min
download02-15-17 Heathe Hruby - Rachel's Vineyard

11:19 min
download02-15-17 Jonathan Teixeira - Benevore dot net

12:34 min
download02-15-17 Mark Christain - Global Faith Institute

20:27 min
download02-15-17 Superstar Catholic School - St. Wenceslaus -William Huben

6:38 min
download02-16-17 Christopher Wesley - Rebuilding Confirmation

9:43 min
download02-16-17 Good Book Club - Psalm 5 - Frs. Carl Kerkemeyer and Ricardo Pineda Jr.

13:22 min
download02-16-17 Kate Wicker - Getting Past Perfect

11:32 min
download02-16-17 Superstar School - Gross Catholic HS

11:01 min
download02-16-17 Superstar School - Mercy Catholic HS

8:13 min
download02-16-17 Superstar School - St. Vincent de Paul

10:04 min
download02-17-17 Good Book Club - 1Chronicles 29 verses 10-13 - Dr. John Pepino

18:57 min
download02-17-17 Mass Prep - Sr. Ann Marie Zierke

17:20 min
download02-17-17 Melissa Ohden - Abortion Survivor

9:06 min
download02-17-17 Tom Venzor - Ne Catholic Conference

9:57 min
download02-20-17 Dominick Albano - Dynamic Catholic

7:24 min
download02-20-17 Good Book Club - Psalm 29 - Sharon Doran

13:35 min
download02-20-17 Joel Smallbone - Priceless DVD

13:00 min
download02-20-17 Pete Burak - i.d. 9 16

6:49 min
download02-20-17 Rob Evans - Donut Man

18:11 min
download02-21-17 LIVE Good Book Club - Psalm 24 - Kristen Catterson and Chelsea Preister - teachers

15:14 min
download02-21-17 LIVE Holy Family - Andrea Steffen Choir Dir. and Wrap up

3:01 min
download02-21-17 LIVE Holy Family - Fr. Jim Novotny - Tina Sachau

20:50 min
download02-21-17 LIVE Holy Family - Generations - Jenny Allison Kristin Herchenbach - Karla Marley Hall

20:46 min
download02-21-17 LIVE Holy Family - Principal Andy Bishop - Spanish Teacher Paulina McGuire

13:08 min