Monday, November 30, 2015
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download11-20-15 - Daily Catholic News

2:30 min

Bible Verse of the Day

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Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 26
"Best of Spirit Mornings"
Sue Ellen Browder Subverted: The Hijack of the Women’s Movement
Paul Darrow, Courage Member, living a faithful life with Same-Sex Attraction.
Doug & Sue Barrett, God’s Care through Suffering.
Good Book Club with Fr. Kerry Wakulich.
Blog - Sarah Reinhard, Hail Mary Hacks in Seven Quick Takes.
Wednesday, November 25
"Best of Spirit Mornings"
Fr. Matthew Keller, V8’s for Vocations.
Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle talks about her Book: The Kiss of Jesus.
Maria Farrell, GriefWork Ministry, dealing with grief this time of year.
Good Book Club with Fr. Brendan Kelly.
Fr. Stephen Imbarrato a powerful story of a priest, who is now a Pro-Life warrior, that was forgiven for abortion.
Tuesday, November 24
"Best of Spirit Mornings"
Bill May with Marrige Reality Movement.
Dr. Lyndon Haviland on preventing & stopping child sexual abuse.
Ask-a-Priest, Fr. Scott Hastings, Marriage Questions.
Good Book Club with Bishop Joseph Hanefeldt .
Bert Ghezzi with a look at November Saints.


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download09-01-15 - Fr. Scott Hastings - Ask A Priest Marriage Questions

18:18 min
download09-03-15 - Good Book Club - Matthew 27 Verses 45-66 - Bishop Joseph Hanefeldt

20:02 min
download09-15-15 - Dr. Lyndon Haviland - Preventing and Stopping Child Sexual Abuse

19:42 min
download09-21-15 - Good Book Club - Numbers Chapter 20 Verses 1-13 - Tony Ojeda

18:41 min
download09-24-15 - Fr. Stephen Imbarrato - A Priest Forgiven for Abortion

18:10 min
download10-12-15 - Vocation Stories Part 1 - Fr. Ryan Salisbury

21:54 min
download10-12-15 - Vocation Stories Part 2 - Fr. Christopher Stoley

21:59 min
download10-14-15 - Good Book Club - Deut. 6 Verse 1-9 - Fr. Brendan Kelly

20:42 min
download10-19-15 - Bill May - Marriage Reality Movement

16:29 min
download10-19-15 - Music Monday - Plumb - Smoke

26:06 min
download10-20-15 - Good Book Club - Deuteronomy Chapter 28 Verses 1-19 - Fr. Kerry Wakulich

25:12 min
download10-21-15 - Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle - The Kiss of Jesus

20:25 min
download10-26-15 - Sue Ellen Browder - Subverted the Hijack of the Women's Movement

15:04 min
download10-27-15 - Maria Farrell - GriefWork

20:39 min
download10-29-15 - Paul Darrow - Couragerc. org member

23:45 min
download11-03-15 - Bert Ghezzi - November Saints

18:37 min
download11-05-15 - Sarah Reinhard - Hail Mary Hacks in 7 Quick Takes

13:54 min
download11-10-15 - Omar Gutierrez - Catholic Social Teaching and Pope Francis

15:27 min
download11-11-15 - Doug and Sue Barrett - God's Care Through Suffering

19:58 min
download11-16-15 - Fr. Matthew Keller - V8 for Vocations

15:37 min