Saturday, August 01, 2015
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Monday, August 3
Music Monday with Bryan Olesen of Vota.
Fr. Stephen Graeve, newly-ordained priest of the Diocese of Lincoln, shares his vocation story.
The Good Book Club with Dcn. Ned Willkom of All Saints Catholic Community in Wisconsin.
Jeff Cavins, Catholic evangelist and catechist, discusses "Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible."
Friday, July31
Sunday Mass Prep with Fr. Mark McKercher.
Laura Buddenberg, talks about her new title Director-Pastoral Affairs, Boys Town.
Good Book Club with  Bishop Michael J. Sheridan, Diocese of Colorado Springs.
Win when you play "Name That Saint"
Thursday, July 30
Curtis Martin, founder of FOCUS, joins us. He'll be speaking at the upcoming World Meeting of Families this fall.
Greg Wagner, public information officer for the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, joins us.
The Good Book Club with Fr. Jim Golka, pastor at St. Patrick in North Platte.
Mary DeTurris Poust, Catholic blogger and speaker,


DownloadNameListen Online Length
download07-27-15 - Devin Rose - Farm Flop E-Book

15:29 min
download07-27-15 - Dr. Paul Thigpen - Manual for Spiritual Warfare

21:40 min
download07-27-15 - Good Book Club - Matthew Chapter 14 Verses 1-21 - Dr. Michael Dauphinais

21:00 min
download07-27-15 - Music Monday - Fr. Rob Galea - At The Foot Of The Cross

18:02 min
download07-28-15 - Christine Delgado - Thomas More Society Luncheon

10:09 min
download07-28-15 - Fr. Joe Taphorn - Ask A Priest

19:50 min
download07-28-15 - Good Book Club - Matthew Chapter 14 Verses 22-36 - Fr. Dan Kirby

16:44 min
download07-28-15 - Steve Ray - Biblical Mountain Experiences

20:13 min
download07-29-15 - Bishop James Conley - Pray for Those Who Persecute You

16:43 min
download07-29-15 - Dr. Matthew Bunson - Pope Francis in the News

23:35 min
download07-29-15 - Good Book Club - Matthew 15 Verses 1-20 - Dr. Andrew Swafford

23:20 min
download07-29-15 - Ryan T Anderson - Truth Overruled

18:56 min
download07-30-15 - Curtis Martin

21:33 min
download07-30-15 - Good Book Club - Matthew 15 Verses 21-39 - Fr. Jim Golka

21:27 min
download07-30-15 - Greg Wagner - Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

21:10 min
download07-30-15 - Mary DeTurris Poust - Summer Vacation for the Soul

12:01 min
download07-31-15 - Fr. Mark McKercher - Sunday Mass Prep

18:21 min
download07-31-15 - Good Book Club - Matthew 16 Verses 1-12 - Bishop Michael Sheridan

17:15 min
download07-31-15 - Laura Buddenberg - Religious Practice and Kids

19:02 min