Friday, August 26, 2016
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download08-25-16 - Catholic News

2:42 min
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Friday, August 26
Mass Prep with Sr. Ann Marie Zierke of David City.
Laura Buddenberg with Boys Town on Parenting Tips.
Peter Kennedy from Archdiocese of Omaha talks about the Feast of St. Monica.
Trent Horn, Catholics Answers Conference Speaker, dives into the Good Book Club.
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-CD from Matt Maher: “Saints & Sinners”
Thursday, August 25
Omar Gutierrez of the Archdiocese of Omaha, joins us to discuss St. Joseph Calasanz
The Good Book Club with Fr. Damian Zuerlein of St. Francis Cabrini in Omaha.
Chris Stefanick of Real Life Catholic, talks about his experience at World Youth Day and his upcoming visit to Kearney, Neb.
Fr. Edward Looney -Blog post about the Spiritual lessons from the Olympics. 
Wednesday, August 24
Kristin New and Nikki Schaefer discuss upcoming pro-life school presentations. New is a former atheist and abortion counselor. 
Dr. Peter Martin joins us to talk about the upcoming "Made in His Image" bioethics conference. Specifically, he'll discuss bioethics issues and psychotherapy. 
The Good Book Club with Steve Ray of
Brad Burks and Mary Crosby from Essential Pregnancy Services in Omaha, join us.
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download08-19-16 - Dr. Grazie Pozo Christie - Ben-Hur review

6:02 min
download08-19-16 - Good Book Club - Luke Chapter 23 Verses 1-12 Fr. Rick Heilman

18:34 min
download08-19-16 - Laura Buddenberg - The power of the question What do YOU think about that- for parents

11:36 min
download08-19-16 - Mass Prep - Abbot Michael Liebl

20:54 min
download08-22-16 - Fr. Gleeson and Carol Weiler - Lord Teach Me to Pray

12:29 min
download08-22-16 - Fr. Nathan Hall - Vocation Story

21:58 min
download08-22-16 - Good Book Club - Luke Chapter 23 Verses 13-25 Sharon Doran

16:30 min
download08-22-16 - Philip English - Miraculous Medal

16:52 min
download08-23-16 - Ask A Priest - Fr. Joseph Taphorn

18:04 min
download08-23-16 - Good Book Club - Luke Chapter 23 Verses 26-43 Fr. William Holoubek

16:42 min
download08-23-16 - Judy Klein - Marys Way The Power of Entrusting Your Child to God

10:21 min
download08-23-16 - Sr. Maryanne Stevens - College of St. Mary

13:49 min
download08-23-16 - Terrific Tuesday Callers

6:38 min
download08-24-16 - Brad Burks - EPS Breakfast For Life

10:17 min
download08-24-16 - Good Book Club - Luke Chapter 23 Verses 44-56 Steve Ray

20:12 min
download08-24-16 - Nikki Schaefer Kristen New-Conversion Story - Pro-Life Presentations

19:24 min
download08-24-16 -Dr. Peter Martin - Speaker at Made in His Image Conference

21:22 min
download08-25-16 - Chris Stefanick - WYD and Kearney Appearance

14:44 min
download08-25-16 - Fr. Edward Looney - Blog

11:17 min
download08-25-16 - Good Book Club - Luke Chapter 24 Verses 1-12 - Fr. Damian Zuerlein

23:39 min
download08-25-16 - Omar Gutierrez - St. Joseph Calasanz life

18:48 min