Friday, October 09, 2015
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Friday, October 9
Live from Mercy High School in Omaha, Ne
Thursday, October 8
Sr. Maryanne Stevens, PhD, President-College of St. Mary recently attended Pope Francis’ address to Congress.
Kay Wessel with the Lincoln Diocesan Council of Catholic Women about their diaper drive.
John & Teri Bosio,, “Our Marriage is Our Treasure” on Saturday, October 10th from 6:30p – 8:00p at Holy Family Church in Council Bluffs.
Good Book Club with Fr. Troy Schweiger, St. Patrick Catholic Church in Lincoln.
Wednesday, October 7
Dale Ahlquist, with a Chesterton insight to the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.
Ladies from the Elizabeth Ministry of St. Columbkille parish in Papillion, NE remembering Our Babies
Prayer Service for Pregnancy and Infant Loss.
Good Book Club with Dr. John Martens, St. Paul Seminary School of Divinity, St. Paul, MN.
Info on the Columban Fathers Fair Trade event in Bellevue Saturday, October 17th.


DownloadNameListen Online Length
download09-23-15 - Deacon Mike and Valerie Conzett - World Meeting of Families Report

7:06 min
download09-23-15 - Sr. Maryanne Stevens - College of St. Mary

16:27 min
download09-24-15 - Faith Alive - Officer Kevin Wiese

14:41 min
download09-24-15 - Fr. Stephen Imbarrrato - A Priest Forgiven for Abortion

18:10 min
download10-05-15 - Fr. Thomas Loya - Eastern Rite Church

23:04 min
download10-05-15 - Good Book Club - Numbers Chapter 22 Verses 22-35 - Dr. John Pepino

21:45 min
download10-05-15 - John Michael Talbot - Monk Dynasty

15:15 min
download10-05-15 - Ryan T. Anderson - The Future of Marriage

17:04 min
download10-06-15 - Bert Ghezzi - October Saints

17:08 min
download10-06-15 - Fr. Andrew Heaslip - Catholic Coffee House Lincoln

14:01 min
download10-06-15 - Fr. John Echert - Ask A Priest

14:21 min
download10-06-15 - Good Book Club - Numbers 22 Verse 36-23 Verse 10 - Fr. Jonathan Sorensen GBC 10-05-15

18:01 min
download10-07-15 - Bridget Huggins and Erin Isenhart - Elizabeth Minisrty

20:19 min
download10-07-15 - Dale Ahlquist - Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary

18:16 min
download10-07-15 - Fr. Tom Glennon and Martha Ruff - Fair Trade event at Columban Fathers

13:10 min
download10-07-15 - Good Book Club - Numbers 23 Verse 11-26 - Dr. John Martens

22:42 min
download10-08-15 - Good Book Club - Numbers Chapter 23 Verse 27-Chapter 24 Verse 9 - Fr. Troy Schweiger

17:53 min
download10-08-15 - John and Terri Bosio - Marriage is Our Treasure Talk in Council Bluffs

11:05 min
download10-08-15 - Kay Wessel - LCCCW Diaper Drive

7:11 min
download10-08-15 - Sr. Maryanne Stevens - Pope Francis - Congress Observations

16:12 min
download10-09-15 - Amanda Marcuccio and Emma Echert - Mission week - Mercy High Live

4:30 min
download10-09-15 - Angela Dashner and Students - Theater - Meercy High Live

18:55 min
download10-09-15 - Anne McGill - Student Ambassadors - Mercy High Live

10:09 min
download10-09-15 - Ashley Miller - Campus Ministry - Mercy High Live

6:35 min
download10-09-15 - Good Book Club - Numbers Chapter 24 Verses 10-25 - Julie Vankat - Meercy High Live

18:35 min
download10-09-15 - Sarah Regan - Principal - Mercy High Live

11:44 min
download10-09-15 - Sr. Delores Hannon - President - Mercy High Live

8:21 min