Friday, December 19, 2014
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Faith Alive

Scripture says faith comes from hearing the word of God and those who act on the word often inspire and encourage others as they live out their faith.  The purpose of Faith Alive is to bring you many of those stories that come from the Spirit Catholic Radio listening area, inspiring and encouraging you as you move forward in the good fight. 

About Bruce Prenosil of Faith Alive

I’ve been in broadcasting all my life, first radio and then television.

Four and a half years ago, I found myself within a few weeks of death. I was suffering from cardiomyopathy, a condition that ultimately leads to heart failure.  Not knowing if I’d live or die, I surrendered everything to God and then was given a life saving heart transplant.  It never occurred to me that I would ever do any broadcast journalism again. But God had other plans and I am so grateful to Him.

Producing “Faith Alive” on Spirit Catholic Radio came about because of the impact I observed when people hear faith stories and how those stories touch hearts in such a special way.

Finally, I am extremely blessed to have a great life’s partner in my wife, Joan, along with our three grown children and grandchildren. Thank you for listening. To God be the Glory!

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download01-15-14 - Faith Alive - Bruce Prenosil - Mark Schrader

9:51 min
download02-27-14 - Faith Alive - Bruce Prenosil - Colleen Michaels

11:09 min
download03-19-14 - Faith Alive - Bruce Prenosil - Sharon Doran corrected

11:54 min
download05-28-14 - Faith Alive - Bruce Prenosil - Joni Gillispie

10:23 min
download06-18-14 - Faith Alive - Bruce Prenosil - Greg and Tracy Youell

10:58 min
download07-31-14 - Faith Alive - Bruce Prenosil - UNL Faith Stories

10:38 min
download08-08-13 - Faith Alive - Bruce Prenosil - The Richards

10:53 min
download09-11-14 - Faith Alive - Bruce Prenocil - Gene Willers

9:26 min
download09-12-13 - Faith Alive - Bruce Prenosil - Jen Brown

11:04 min
download09-26-13 - Faith Alive - Bruce Prenosil - Linda Lytle

8:57 min
download10-28-13 - Faith Alive - Bruce Prenosil - Mary Crosby

10:50 min
download11-05-14 - Faith Alive - Bruce Prenosil - Cec Kelley

11:45 min
download11-14-13 - Faith Alive - Bruce Prenosil - Fr. Jose Chavez

9:53 min
download12-16-13 - Faith Alive - Bruce Prenosil - Dana Washington

9:27 min