Friday, July 21, 2017
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Matt's Chaos | Spirit Mornings

Welcome to Matt's Chaos. Here you'll experience the unpredictable radio antics of Spirit Mornings co-host Matt Willkom.

What adventure will Matt take listeners on next? It's hard to say--and that's the beauty of Matt's Chaos.
Meet Matt
Likes: Spending time with family, fishing, Green Bay Packers, Eastern cantillation, Stilton cheese, playing guitar (albeit poorly)
Dislikes: Spending more than 5 dollars on lunch, sin, sweeping generalizations, corrupted audio files, over-cooked pasta 
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DownloadNameListen Online Length
downloadDon't Worry Be Catholic

1:40 min
downloadFlattering Fiddleback

2:25 min
downloadHoly Day

2:52 min
downloadMr Agnosticator 1 - No Absolutes

2:26 min
downloadThe Monk (Parody of The Fox)

3:31 min