Friday, March 27, 2015
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Pray for Spirit Catholic Radio


At the Spirit Catholic Radio Network, we invite all listeners to join us in daily prayer for the mission of the radio station. This prayer apostolate was formed to offer prayers daily "to God whose power now at work in us can do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine" for the success of Spirit Catholic Radio in fulfilling its mission of evangelization. (cf., Eph 3:20-21) Please consider joining the apostolate to help us bring Christ to people and people to Christ.

The purpose of the Spirit Catholic Radio Prayer Apostolate is four-fold.  
As a member you will pray daily for:
  1. The specific spiritual, financial, and ongoing needs of the station as communicated monthly through the Spirit Catholic Radio website.
  2. The day-to-day functioning of the radio station.
  3. All people involved in the management, production, promotion and development of Spirit Catholic Radio, including the on-air hosts, staff, volunteers, board members and committee members, donors and listeners.
  4. All listeners of Spirit Catholic Radio, that God would prepare their hearts to receive the message of the  Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Joining the Spirit Catholic Radio Prayer Apostolate

  1. Click here to submit your name and e-mail address for membership. If you wish to invite others who may not have a computer, they may call the station at 402-571-0200 and ask that their name be added to the prayer apostolate membership.
  2. As a member, you will receive new and specific prayer requests for Spirit Catholic Radio every month in an e-mail or you can go to the Spirit Catholic Radio website and click the prayer apostolate link to receive the requests.
  3. The names (but not e-mail addresses) of Spirit Catholic Radio Prayer Apostolate members will be listed on the Spirit Catholic Radio website on this page, unless you specifically request not to be listed.

Spirit Catholic Radio Prayer Requests for

Heavenly Father, we thank you for the radio apostolate of Spirit Catholic Radio. We ask your continual blessings upon it and its mission of evangelization. We also ask your special blessings upon all who share in its mission by their temporal and spiritual support. Help us to be witnesses of of the love of Jesus in our lives and in its continue presence in our midst. Amen.

During the month of August, we pray for the special needs of the radio network, staff, volunteers, prayer partners, listeners and all who have submitted prayer requests for the station:

  • We pray for the success of the numerous events and activities that the station is involved with. We pray for the success of these events and that they will give us the opportunity to bring God's message to people throughout the listening area.
  • We pray for students, teachers and caregivers as back-to-school time is approaching. Guide these individuals to do their best in their work and we also pray that their knowledge of Jesus be increased as well as their faith. 
  • We pray for all staff members and volunteers, that their work my be fruitful and guided by the Holy Spirit. 
  • We pray for our prayer partners and all those who belong to the Prayer Apostolate. We ask that God's blessing be upon them, their families and their work. Their prayer support is an integral part of the success of the radio apostolate
  • We pray for our country, its leaders and all the countries in the world. Kindle in them a love for peace and guide those who make decisions for all nations.
  • We pray for those who need to encounter Jesus in their lives.

Lord, we give thanks for the many blessings received by Spirit Catholic Radio. We pray for continued growth and success and that the Holy Spirit will guide the network in the direction which best serves Your people and Your will. 


We also pray for Pope Francis and his intentions for the month of August:

Universal: That refugees, forced by violence to abandon their homes, may find a generous welcome and the protection of their rights. 


For Evangelization: That Christians in Oceania may joyfully announce the faith to all the people of that region.


We thank you Father, Son and Holy Spirit for our many blessings, and for hearing our prayers.